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How the Jewish Chronicle is trying to smear Jeremy Corbyn MP - 23 April 2012

Last week, following a judge’s decision to reject Theresa May’s attempt to exclude Raed Salah from the UK, Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn participated in a press conference featuring Salah’s lawyer.

Corbyn said it was necessary to have an inquiry into how the Home Secretary Theresa May made her decision to exclude Salah. Speaking separately, Salah’s lawyer Tayab Ali also said he felt was the role of the ‘pro-Israeli lobby’ in shaping certain government policies.

Subsequently, the blog Harry’s Place (HP) ran a post ridiculously titled, “Labour MP calls for public inquiry into Jewish influence in the Conservative Party”.

When I asked Corbyn about it on Twitter, he confirmed the obvious:

Corbyn had said:

The question is of the powers of the Home Secretary and the need for an inquiry into this. Previous Home Secretaries have been forced out of office for less than this. I think we need an open, independent inquiry into the whole process.

But the obvious (intentional?) error in the HP post was then repeated by Jewish Chronicle political editor Martin Bright.

Bright’s article, “Jeremy Corbyn calls for inquiry on ‘pro-Israel lobby’”, is a less excusable bit of misrepresentation, given that this is a news item in a paper, rather than a hit-job post on a notorious blog.

He only got round to quoting Corbyn’s press conference remarks in the fifth of six paragraphs, and they are the same as transcribed by HP (though for some reason, Bright omits Corbyn’s reference to the Public Inquiries Act).

When I asked Bright if he had bothered to contact Jeremy Corbyn or his office for comment and clarification pre-deadline, he admitted that he had not.